What is Elevate Academy?

Elevate Academy (Elevate) is a tuition-free, online public charter school focused on helping students reach their full potential. We are dedicated to the belief that all students are created with the ability to learn and that every student should have the opportunity for a bright future. We know no two students are alike, and each student comes with his or her own abilities, talents, and learning styles, so why should education look the same for all students? We provide educational options and opportunities for students to achieve their full potential based on who the student is – rather than whom we think they should be. Through an environment that is supportive, encouraging, innovative, and adaptive, we focus on student success and provide hope and innovative educational change for student success – one student at a time.

At Elevate, we believe that education is a partnership with parents in the education of their children, and we value their partnership, input, comments, and suggestions for improvement. We encourage communication with our parents and families to stay current with pertinent information related to school issues. Education, at its core, is not just an intellectual process. True education taps into all areas of a student’s being, helping him or her to develop as a whole person. As such, we believe that:

  • The student is at the center of every decision we make.
  • All students have potential to learn and achieve.
  • Parents are partners.
  • Students are responsible for their own learning.
  • Developing and building programs that address the wide spectrum of opportunities and academic abilities of students, that leads to student success.

We are committed to ensuring that our focus is on student learning rather than teaching so that students are continually engaged in the learning process. We will challenge them to be creative, work independently, and think critically and analytically so they are ready to engage in the world around them. Our school provides student opportunities and options through an adaptive, encouraging, and innovative high-quality learning environment.

What Distinguishes Elevate Academy from other online schools?

Most traditional schools are logistically unable to provide individualized curriculum truly customized to a student’s specific learning needs. In addition, traditional schools typically don’t have the resources to teach in a manner and at a pace that is optimal for each individual student. As a result, students who learn quickly may easily become bored, lose interest, or act out. Students who need more time to learn can often feel ashamed or embarrassed if they do not learn as quickly as their peers, resulting in poor performance and low self-esteem.

Elevate is a member of ColoradoEd’s family of quality schools, and while there are several options to choose from at ColoradoEd, Elevate offers:

  • A blocked curriculum with new starts every 6 weeks (mathematics and world languages are all year)
  • Students engage in only two to four classes at any given time
  • Flexibility to “do school” at a time and place that works for your family
  • Paced curriculum and support to complete the coursework on time

We offer rich, engaging and proven curriculums that are developed using decades of in-depth research on how students learn. Curriculum options at the middle and high school level that provide for different tracks and formats to meet the needs of your student. Using i-Ready, we develop personalized lesson plans optimized to suit your child’s own unique learning needs. We also provide a team of experienced and highly effective Colorado-licensed teaching professionals promoting an active and supportive school community that provides an opportunity for parents to collaborate with teachers. In our environment, parents are actively involved and engaged in their child’s education on a daily basis. All students who graduate from a ColoradoEd high school program, such as Elevate, also receive a diploma that meets or exceeds all state and federal education requirements.

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Every child has something unique and special inside them. They deserve the opportunity to blossom and achieve their full potential. At Elevate, we understand how vital a quality education is to your child’s future, and we want to be your partners with you in your child’s education. Call 877-586-9458 or e-mail today and we will gladly answer your questions, address any concerns, and discuss how we can provide your child the brightest future possible.