Administrators Focused on Student Learning

School administration for Elevate Academy (Elevate) is led by ColoradoEd’s administrators, who are some of the foremost authorities on school management in Colorado. Their extensive experience, innovative approach towards education, and commitment to the belief that every child has the potential to learn and deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential are at the core of everything we do. Our administrators are dedicated to providing students and their families all the tools and support they need to succeed. Our employees agree to do the following:

  • Keep students at the center of every decision.
  • Believe that all students can learn and achieve.
  • Partner with parents.
  • Build character.
  • Remind students they are responsible for their own learning
  • Develop and build programs that address the wide spectrum of opportunities and academic abilities of students leading to student success.

Staff Dedicated to Support, Growth, and Learning

ColoradoEd also employs an extraordinary team of support staff who are committed to ensuring parents, students, teachers, and administrators have the tools and support they need to effectively serve our students, parents, and academic staff. In addition, they handle many of the behind-the-scenes responsibilities that keep ColoradoEd and each of our schools running smoothly and efficiently.