Our Governing Board

The school is governed by a nonprofit board of directors. The board meets on a regular basis to oversee the operation and activities of the school. The board sets policy direction for the school and ensures compliance with its charter and other agreements as well as applicable laws and regulations. The composition of the self-perpetuating board reflects the following traits:
  • Clear commitment to the mission and vision of the school and to the welfare of children
  • Experience working with a non-profit organization in a senior capacity
  • A reputation for and record of high integrity, teamwork and collegiality
  • A successful record of professional activity
  • Proven leadership abilities
  • Familiarity with educational technology
  • Leadership across multiple sectors
  • A desire to help the children of Colorado improve their educational prospects and character development
  • Professional educational and/or practical experience, including legal and financial expertise
  • A diversity of backgrounds, interests, and expertise
Correspondence to the Board can be sent by email to board@coloradoed.org or by postal mail to: Board of Directors, 165 South Union Blvd, Suite 777, Lakewood, CO 80228