What is ColoradoEd?
What Does It Cost to Attend a Elevate School?
Who Can Enroll in Elevate Schools?
Is Elevate Ideal for all Students?
What Schools Does ColoradoEd Have?
What is the Difference Between the ColoradoEd Schools?
What Subjects do Elevate Schools Offer?
Do Elevate Schools Provide Curriculum for Children with Special Needs?
Does My Child Need a Computer and Internet Access to Attend Elevate Schools?
What Computer Skills are Required?
Can My Child Use a Mobile Device to Attend?
How Will My Child Interact with Teachers?
Will My Child Have the Same Graduation Opportunities as Students in Traditional Public Schools?
Can My Child Work at His or Her Own Pace?
How Much Time do Students Spend on the Computer?
Can you Accommodate the Accelerated Learning Needs of my Gifted/Talented Child?
How do Students get the Social Interaction they Need?
Will Elevate Intrude in my Home?
What Other Information Should I Consider Before Enrolling my Child?